Under Attack, foresters suspend patrolling, fire duty

By Amit S Upadhye, Bengaluru, India
Backed by political leaders and anti social elements, the villagers living around the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary are resorting to attacks on forest officials. The attacks are on the rise after the recent shootout incident where a resident of Doddahalli was shot dead.

Fearing more attacks, the foresters have suspended patrolling duties in the sanctuary. The foresters who retaliated a shooting group and killed a poacher are now demanding police protection for them and their family members.

Source: Under Attack, foresters suspend patrolling, fire duty- The New Indian Express, 2017-03-21

Indian foresters at greater risk than those of other countries

DEHRADUN: India has been leading for many successive years for having the maximum casualties of foresters for the same pursuits, in comparison with Asia, Africa, America.

Shashi Kumar, director-general of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, said “There is conflict of interests and incidents such as forest fire etc which is resulting into deaths of foresters. Human-wildlife interface has also increased many notches above. The area of wildlife is disturbed because of several reasons, resulting into human-wildlife conflict on constant rise. Our front line forces are not equipped to face this challenge. They lack the modern training and equipment.”

Source: India has the maximum casulties of foresters in comparison to other Asian, American and African countries – Times of India