Introducing the National Extension Forestry & Wood Products Directory

We are pleased to introduce a new way for Extension agents across the United States to connect with each other: the Extension Forestry and Wood Products Directory, a national network of over 300 extension forestry and wood products specialists, educators, and leaders. Collectively, these personnel cover 48 areas of forestry and wood products specialties and 16 areas of extension program development, delivery, and evaluation.

This directory has been compiled to identify Extension personnel and their specialties, to better serve those seeking information about forests and wood products, and to facilitate multi-state, regional, and national program collaborations. Users are able to search the directory by name, institution, location, and specialty, and directory information can be exported into various formats for later reference.

We hope that this resource encourages collaboration, partnership, and innovation between Extension personnel nationally and across regions. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

If you’d like to have your information included in the directory, please submit your info. Contact Eric Norland ( if you have any questions regarding the directory.

Source: Introducing the National Extension Forestry & Wood Products Directory — Southern Regional Extension Forestry, 2017-12-15